Menu for our catering service

We’re demanding

Sourcing our produce takes ages. The daily prep takes hours. So our menu has lots to live up to. And we’re really very demanding. Every item needs to earn its place. If something could be better, off it goes. And off it stays. Until it’s good enough to come back. Besides our regular restaurant service we also offer the wedding caterer service which is done with absolute professionalism.

We are here to help you out, we have food and beverage consultants, we are  the best at making vegan pizza we can do your catering to your taste of choices with flavors that linger in your taste buds and leave
endearing memories of moments spent in absolute delight, thanks to our caters we do catering service in tirunelveli, we do a lot of marriages, which  are the once in a lifetime moment which leaves behind memories that linger forever. We make it even more special by offering catering services.

This can get us into trouble. We get emails. Phone calls. Letters. We sympathise. And we’re flattered. But it’s always for a reason. And it’s what we’ve always done. Experimenting is in our DNA. Way back when, we introduced pepperoni onto pizzas. We were the first to serve Peroni. So we just can’t help it. Change is in our blood. It’s the only way to keep improving.

And we have help. Award-winning chefs like Earl and Terry. They give our menu super-close scrutiny. Then they add beautiful food of their own, plus our facilities give us the opportunity of provising the best services, thanks to the  we have the  latest technology  on restaurant supplies. Modern classics like our rectangular Cut pizza. And it doesn’t stop with pizza. We’ve also have very special, pasta sauces, still crafted from decades old Grassi family recipes. If you want something else than just pizza, you gotta try out this event caterer, they are the best.

Not forgetting you. You give us great ideas. You push us to go further. It’s thanks to you that we introduced our New Large 14 inch pizza. Thanks to you we now offer a glutinous free menu along with our popular Lo carb choices. A smaller Senior menu as well. So talk to us. Tell us what you like. Better still, tell us what you don’t.