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Thanks and appreciation

Oct 01, 2013 by Judy & Jim Joy

Please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for the superb job your staff at our Marriage Reception on Sunday, September 15th. It could not have been better.

The food and beverages were great, and we received many compliments on your excellent choice of pizzas. Our servers, Kathy and Tabitha, were a joy to have in the reception room, and along with the kitchen staff were organized and totally responsive.

We continue to receive compliments on the selection of your restaurant for our event. Believe us when we say that the Pizza Casa will always be one of our very happy memories as we spend our married life togather.

Judy & jim Joy


Dec 16, 2012 by Joe

So I finally got to eat here last night. Let me tell you, I let the anticipation build for two weeks. I have been looking for a good pizza place out in the NW for almost 10 years. There are 4 criteria for good Chicago style pizza. 1. The crust should be thin, crispy on the bottom and a little doughy on top. CHECK 2. the meat topping should always be under the cheese. CHECK 3. The sausage should be fresh and each piece should be pulled from bulk before being pressed into the dough. CHECK and 4. The cheese should be fresh mozzarella, cooked to a perfect bubbly golden brown. CHECK.
I was not let down at all. I am stoked to come back. You can expect to see me once or twice a month. I even had to drive 45 minutes to get there. The wait staff was personable and on top of things. you can tell everyone who works there enjoys being there, the staff was smiling and having a good time. Thank you Pizza Casa for existing. I now do not need to pay $300 dollars to fly back to Chicago every 3 months to get my fix.

Pizza Casa 253-588-8135 12924 Pacific Hwy. SW Lakewood WA, 98499 USA 5.0 5.0 14 14 I'm grateful to pizza casa for offering take out right now.My spaghetti with a meatball, house salad and bread was so amazingly good tonight. What a wonderful consistent experien

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