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Thank you!

Oct 02, 2012 by Linda Van Dyke

I want to thank you and all your employees who helped make my daughter Kerry's birthday party so special. (Feb. 19th)

Everyone had such a good time and the food was spectacular! Again, many thanks. I shall return!

Eating well in South Puget Sound

Sep 16, 2012 by Jason de Paul

Where to eat? Who has the best service? Where can you find Italian selections worth taking out-of-town guest to dine? Start with my top pick:
Pizza Casa, 12924 Pacific Hwy SW, Lakewood, 588-8135. Pizza Casa has been around for decades, but has never lost that original taste. McDonald's fries have changed; the drive-ins are gone; but Pizza Casa still has great tasting food which remains consistent day after day after day. Fantastic Pizza which comes in a round shape, yet is sliced into a combination of squares and triangles. The crust is not cardboard, but instead has a thick, crispy taste, while the tomato sauce is spicy, yet fresh. Gobed with cheese, you will fall in love with this pizza and probably think of it before visiting your local freezer section. Pizza Casa is more than Pizza. The pasta dishes which are served either ala carte or dinner style, overflow on the plate. There isn't any skimping. The meat sauce on the spaghetti is very rich, with an almost tomato paste quality. The noodles aren't mushy, but instead hold up well under the sauce.

Pizza Casa 253-588-8135 12924 Pacific Hwy. SW Lakewood WA, 98499 USA 5.0 5.0 14 14 I'm grateful to pizza casa for offering take out right now.My spaghetti with a meatball, house salad and bread was so amazingly good tonight. What a wonderful consistent experien

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